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What do you need? - A difficult subject when your pet is alive, the subject of cremation is more difficult at the time of death.   Often no provisions are made in advance on how your pet's crematory ashes are to be stored.   If you are browsing the internet seaching for a suitable cremation box or urn for your pet, you can quickly become over whelmed.   So here is a little informaton to help you.   Each pound of your pet's body weight will reduce to approximately 1 cubic inch of volume; so look for urns or boxes that provide you a volume capacity.   Without providing a box to the crematory or purchasing one from the crematory, the ashes will be placed in a plastic bag or box.   If you provide a box or urn to the crematory they will pack the deceased ashes in the box for you.   If the cremains box or urn is undersized, they will pack the maximum amount of ashes and properly dispose of the remainder.   If this is a problem then ask for the rest of the ashes to be placed in a plastic bag or box; or purchase a larger sized urn or box.

Tradition - The graceful swallowtail fingers point to the right as a reminder of a righteous life.   It is this attention to detail that is the hallmark of our Shaker inspired cremain boxes.   We utilize copper tacks to hold the beautiful swallowtail fingers in place and the compression fitted tops and bottoms are anchored with copper shoe pegs, no glue is necessary.   These classic Shaker oval designs feautes date to the mid 1700's and the construction methods provide a great strength that belie its delicate beauty.

Beauty - People purchase natural wood creamation boxes for the beauty of the wood.   Our Shaker Pet Cremation Boxes are no exception and our box sides can be created from cherry, walnut, oak, or birds eye maple woods. The box top is usually created from the same or color contrasting wood.   For box lids we offer cherry walnut, birds eye maple, Carpathian elm burl, flame maple, quilted maple, and upon occasion other magnificiently figured woods.   Six to ten coats of highly durable gloss lacquer increases the depth of the finish.

Availability - We try to keep our most popular boxes in stock and ready to deliver to you within a short period.   However our pet cremain boxes are created one at a time and are generally considered to be works of art.   Therefore our standard lead time is eight weeks and larger orders require long lead times.

Shipping & Handling - Our shipping and handling charges within the Continential United States are included in the purchase price. We ship by USPS.

Payment Terms - Our payment terms are net 30 days from date of shipment.   We use PayPal as our secure online checkout.   Payment may also be made by cash, check, money order, Visa, MC, and Discover.

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